Before we start, we’d like to define the heart and soul of Human Readable Magazine. The following is what we consider our maxims.

1. The content is designed to be read on-the-go,
2. There needs to be a technical angle,
3. It is educational in nature.

By “designed to be read on-the-go” we mean that the articles should not require “audience participation” to get value out of them. For example, in tutorials, one must follow the instructions to get the most out of the article, otherwise, there is no point to the article. The articles we’d like to publish are not like this. While they might include a heavy amount of source code, it should be primarily to demonstrate the points of the article. The reasoning behind this restriction is that readers are expected to read our magazine during their leisure hours (during work commute, breakfast, and even on the toilet).

Another very important element of every article is the technical angle. We do not wish to include articles talking about soft skills, management, etc. We want every single article to be about something technical.

And finally, we want our readers to learn. No matter their experience level. Each article should teach something interesting or new to our readers.